Website Design

Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation

  • Blue Ribbon Foundation - Homepage
  • Blue Ribbon Foundation - Event
  • Blue Ribbon Foundation - Renovation
  • Blue Ribbon Foundation - Blog

The Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation raises funds for the preservation and improvement of the Iowa State Fairgrounds. Their website presents the Foundation as an active, forward-thinking organization, while also calling back to the heritage and history of the fairgrounds.

Puppy Jake Foundation

  • Puppy Jake Foundation - Homepage
  • Puppy Jake Foundation - Donations
  • Puppy Jake Foundation - Our Dogs
  • Puppy Jake Foundation - Responsive

Puppy Jake Foundation provides professionally trained service dogs to wounded or otherwise disabled military veterans. The website was designed in conjunction with the development of the entire PJF brand, which is playful and fun yet respectful and reverent.


  • AgVenture - Homepage
  • AgVenture - Blog
  • AgVenture - Regional Seed Company page
  • AgVenture - Seed Treatments page

AgVenture prides themselves on being more than just a seed company. They are a resource and true partner to the growers they serve, and their website brings this relationship into full focus.

Iowa Family Support Network

  • Iowa Family Support Network - Homepage
  • Iowa Family Support Network - Early ACCESS
  • Iowa Family Support Network - Family Support
  • Iowa Family Support - State Resource Directory

Iowa Family Support Network provides health and well-being resources to new and expecting parents, or families of children who may need special developmental assistance. This site was designed to be an inviting and easily-accessible resource for a wide audience of varying socio-economic backgrounds.

American Lung Association in Iowa

  • American Lung Association in Iowa - Homepage
  • American Lung Association in Iowa - Infographic
  • American Lung Association in Iowa - Resource page
  • American Lung Association in Iowa - County Coalitions

The Central Iowa Tobacco-Free Partnership was recently rebranded as the American Lung Association in Iowa. Their redesigned site incorporates American Lung Association brand standards in a clean and airy design that reinforces the message of tobacco cessation.


  • Caremoli - Homepage
  • Caremoli - Markets taxonomy
  • Caremoli - Solutions taxonomy
  • Caremoli - Product page

Caremoli Group is an international manufacturer of all-natural food ingredients for a wide variety of applications. To showcase the depth and breadth of their products and their uses, the Caremoli website employs a complex taxonomy system that allows each product to be categorized and displayed in multiple ways.

GuideOne Insurance

  • GuideOne Insurance - We Know Churches - Homepage
  • GuideOne Insurance - We Know Churches - Arson
  • GuideOne Insurance - We Know Churches - Arson Responsive
  • GuideOne Insurance - Newsletter Sign-up

GuideOne Insurance offers insurance plans catered to churches and other places of worship. Their "We Know Churches" print campaign focused on a series of illustrated accident statistics, which were repeated on the campaign landing page along with tips to avoid each scenario.

Carefree Patisserie

  • Carefree Patisserie - Homepage
  • Carefree Patisserie - Cakes

Carefree Patisserie is a local gourmet cupcake bakery that specializes in unique flavors and wedding events. The design of their website expands on and enhances the playful "cake decoration" motif used in their logo.

Big Finish Games & Tex Murphy

  • Big Finish Games - Tesla Effect
  • Tex Murphy - Tesla Effect

As a huge fan of the Tex Murphy adventure game series, I've been fortunate enough to work with the game's creators for many years on numerous projects. My most recent project has been the redesign of their company website, in conjunction with a new site dedicated solely to the Tex Murphy series. Both sites are served from a single Drupal installation, allowing them to share user accounts and selected content. This project is scheduled for completion in mid-2014.



  • Brandsquid - Verne Illustrations

I was called upon to create an illustrated mascot for BrandSquid, a service that helps small startup companies create branded merchandise and apparel. I drew "Verne" (as he came to be called) in a handful of different scenes and poses, as well as other illustrations that were used throughout the site.

Online Stores

Two Men and a Truck

  • Two Men and a Truck - All Items
  • Two Men and a Truck - Responsive Product Page

Two Men and a Truck is the country's largest moving company franchise. The Two Men Gear online store offers a wide array of Two Men and a Truck branded merchandise.

Mercy Auxiliary of Central Iowa

  • Mercy Auxiliary Store - Featured Items
  • Mercy Auxiliary Store - Product Page
  • Mercy Auxiliary Store - Shopping Cart

Since 1948, the Mercy Auxiliary of Central Iowa has supported the patient care programs and services of Mercy Medical Center – Des Moines and its affiliates. The online store provides approved merchandise and uniforms for Mercy employees.


  • TechStars Store - All Items
  • TechStars Store - Product Page
  • TechStars Store - Checkout

TechStars provides mentorship programs, seed funding and networking services to startup companies across the country.