Hello! I'm James.

I'm a multi-talented front-end web developer, print designer and illustrator. In my over 20-year career, I've designed and built countless websites, developed and maintained entire brands, and produced unique, award-winning marketing campaign pieces. I'm a stickler for small details and a believer in cohesive design systems.

I am also an Acquia Certified Drupal 8 Site Builder, and am active in the Drupal community.

When I'm not designing, you can find me spending time with my wife and two boys, solving mysteries and saving the world with Tex Murphy, P.I., snapping together a new LEGO set, or dreaming about the illustrated novel I'm destined to write someday.

Would you like to know more?

Please browse through the samples of my work below and view my résumé for more details. I also invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook — or email me directly with any questions or comments.

I look forward to hearing from you!

BirdDogHR & Arcoro

For six years, I was the marketing designer for BirdDogHR, an HR management software company. After refreshing the BirdDogHR brand in 2015, I was in charge of design and production of all marketing materials — including all web, print, video and apparel items.

In 2020, the BirdDogHR brand was retired and fully incorporated into its parent company, Arcoro. As part of that process, I was responsible for updating many BirdDogHR assets to the Arcoro brand, as well as creating new Arcoro-branded materials and templates.

BirdDogHR Brand

The BirdDogHR brand refresh reflected the company's expansion from a simple Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to a full suite of HR management software modules. This included a new logo design, updated color palette and detailed brand guidelines.

  • BirdDogHR - Brand Refresh

BirdDogHR Website

In conjunction with the brand refresh, I rebuilt the BirdDogHR website using the Drupal CMS and a selection of contributed modules, and developed a custom Drupal theme that allowed for content-specific, fully responsive layouts. I also achieved Drupal 8 Site Builder certification from Acquia.

  • BirdDogHR - Homepage
  • BirdDogHR - Solutions page
  • BirdDogHR - Construction Industry page
  • BirdDogHR - Testimonials page

BirdDogHR & Arcoro Inbound Marketing

BirdDogHR began a concentrated inbound marketing strategy, utilizing multiple platforms before ultimately partnering with HubSpot. I designed and built custom landing page and email templates using traditional HTML and CSS paired with HubSpot's HubL markup language. Arcoro adopted BirdDogHR's HubSpot workflow, and I created customized Arcoro-branded templates as well.

  • BirdDogHR - Homepage
  • BirdDogHR - Solutions page

BirdDogHR Promotional Materials

In addition to BirdDogHR's web properties, I was also responsible for designing all physical marketing materials and other promotional items — anything from product datasheets to sales enablement tools to tradeshow collateral.

  • BirdDogHR - Bifold
  • BirdDogHR - Datasheets
  • BirdDogHR - Buyer Persona cards
  • BirdDogHR - Beignet box
  • BirdDogHR - Bandana box

Unofficial Tex Murphy

I'm a huge fan of the Tex Murphy adventure game series, and I've been running a discussion forum dedicated to the franchise since 1998. As a result, I've been fortunate enough to work with the series' creators over the years on numerous projects.

Agency Website Design

In addition to my in-house and personal work, I also have extensive previous experience working in an agency setting, creating websites for a wide variety of clients. These samples are of work that was done several years ago, but feature a wider range of design, audience and subject matter.

Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation

The Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation raises funds for the preservation and improvement of the Iowa State Fairgrounds. Their website presents the Foundation as an active, forward-thinking organization, while also calling back to the heritage and history of the fairgrounds.

  • Blue Ribbon Foundation - Homepage
  • Blue Ribbon Foundation - Event
  • Blue Ribbon Foundation - Renovation
  • Blue Ribbon Foundation - Blog

Puppy Jake Foundation

Puppy Jake Foundation provides professionally trained service dogs to wounded or otherwise disabled military veterans. The website was designed in conjunction with the development of the entire PJF brand, which is playful and fun yet respectful and reverent.

  • Puppy Jake Foundation - Homepage
  • Puppy Jake Foundation - Donations
  • Puppy Jake Foundation - Our Dogs
  • Puppy Jake Foundation - Responsive

Iowa Family Support Network

Iowa Family Support Network provides health and well-being resources to new and expecting parents, or families of children who may need special developmental assistance. This site was designed to be an inviting and easily-accessible resource for a wide audience of varying socio-economic backgrounds.

  • Iowa Family Support Network - Homepage
  • Iowa Family Support Network - Early ACCESS
  • Iowa Family Support Network - Family Support
  • Iowa Family Support - State Resource Directory